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About Us

It is vital that nonprofit and social service organizations work with an insurance agency that has a genuine understanding of the way charities operate, their activities, and the risks they face so that they get well informed advice and the right protection. Charity Insurance Services was organized specifically to offer nonprofit and social service agencies competitively priced insurance coverage custom designed to meet the unique needs of each individual organization. We recognize the diverse ways that charities operate and understand the financial challenges that many nonprofit and social service organizations face each day. By utilizing Charity Insurance Services, you will be reassured that you have the right protection in place at the right price allowing you to concentrate on the important business of making a difference for the benefit of others.

Charity Insurance Services will take the time to review your current insurance coverage, prepare a quote on a line for line basis as a comparison and then offer suggestions for streamlining coverage to save you money and to provide better protection. We aggressively collaborate with our partner insurance companies to develop acceptable payment plans, decrease premiums, and provide resources to help you manage risk.

Here is a list of some of the charitable organizations we work with:

  • Abuse Shelter
  • Child Care
  • Community Associations
  • Townhouse Association

View a partial list of the nonprofit and social service organizations we work with.