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Teachers and Educators Liability Insurance

Teachers and Educators Liability InsuranceCoverages included in this type of insurance:

  • Coverage for educational institution errors and omissions including failure to educate, negligent instruction, negligent career guidance or counseling, improper or inadequate academic placement or discipline
  • Professional extends to include school psychologist, school counselor, and employed lawyer or accountant
  • Outside directorship liability for members, directors, officers or trustees serving at the direction of the educational institute as directors of 501(c)(3) nonprofit entities and endorsed outside entities

Broad Definition of who is an Insured

  • Members of the Board of Education, School Committee, Board of Trustees, Board of Governors, Board of Regents
  • Includes lawful spouse/domestic partner, the estate, and heirs
  • Principal, assistant principal, chancellor, provost dean, personnel director, risk manager, administration, guidance counselor, faculty member, employee, student teacher, substitute teacher, teaching assistant, faculty aide, pastor, and volunteers

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